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Alexander "JoinTime"
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Faruk "Astrafemus"
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Anastasiya "PlayBetterPro"
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Cashpoker is a very unique service, which offers you a real 50 dollar bonus in a poker room, after you beat 10 levels in a flash game. I'm a streamer and usually stream "Gwent", which is a card game. Keep in mind, before this, I've only played poker with friends. It took me around 2 hours to beat the game.

Some of my viewers noticed that level 8 took them far longer than expected, but developer promised to fix that. I am very satisfied with Cashpoker, but bonus can only be collected in a poker room, where you need to playthrough some rake to be able to withdraw it.

Unfortunately, I was only able to beat the game, my skill wasn't enough to get the required rake. In conclusion, I am happy with cashpoker and will continue recommending this game to everyone

Alexander "JoinTime"
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Faruk "Astrafemus"
Recently, I have tried a new service Cashpoker. It was very tempting to test my skills in poker and get a free reward for it.

At first, it seems like it can't be that hard to beat 10 levels of poker against computer and complete the challenge. I decided that I will try to finish 10 levels of the game in 2 hours and started playing. In those 2 hours I only have gotten to level 8… and then i spent another 4 hours just to stay at the same level.

It was very hard to get the hang of the game, but in the end, I realised how hard poker actually is. At the end of my 7th hour in Cashpoker I realised how to play my cards correctly and when to call/fold.

I liked the game itself it was very easy to understand and use the UI.

There are a few things I didn't like: I found it confusing how it says "level" on the left and it took me a while to understand how that works.

I also didn't really like the design, looking at it from a designers viewpoint, I would've definitely made it less gray and more colourful. Also I would add a little explanation why you lost the last hand, which combination your opponent had and why he won.

Overall, I definitely recommend cashpoker to anyone who would like to try poker or just get some excitement and free bonus to play poker.
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