Beat the bot

Will you be able to beat 5 levels of our poker game? We will give you $10 no-deposit bonus on PartyPoker and you will have an opportunity to get additional $20 for playing!

— get $10!

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Welcome to CashPoker!

Play poker for free against our artificial intelligence.

Game is becoming incrementally harder with every level.

Complete 5 levels and get a no-deposit bonus!

You can only get the prize once.

To get your prize you will need to register a free account in a real poker room.
1. Register
Register on our site and choose a nickname in the game.
2. Beat the levels
Start playing and beat 5 levels. In average it takes 1-2 hours depending on your poker skill.
3. Choose a prize
Start playing with $10 in a real poker room and get a chance to get another $20 for free.

How to start playing poker with additional $50?

Beat 5 levels in Cashpoker and we will give you a $10 no-deposit bonus in Partypoker.

After playing poker for a bit, if you decide that you are ready to start playing more seriously, you can make a deposit from $20. For that you will receive additional $30 for playing SPINS.

You will get receive this bonus gradually throughout 6 days:

  • Day 1 : 1 x $5 + 5 x $1
  • Day 2 : 1 x $5 + 5 x $1
  • Day 4 : 5 x $1
  • Day 6 : 5 x $1

At this point you will have good boost to start you poker career. All that is left is to get 15 Partypoints and we will give you another $20 bonus as a free gift!

In the end, for reaching level 5 in CashPoker and making a deposit of $20 on PartyPoker, you will receive additional $60 bonus!

How to get the prize? — 5 easy steps

1. Beat 5 levels of Cashpoker to get a pop-up with instructions, you can also press the "Claim" button.

2. Register on PartyPoker using our link.

3. Verify your account.

4. Send us your nickname and wait for $10 bonus to appear on your account.

5. Start playing, deposit and get 15Partypoints to get another $20 for free!

Frequently asked questions:

Before you start playing, please read the rules:
Who can play?
CashPoker — is a free game is available to everyone. However, the bonus can only be claimed by players who are over 18 years old and don't already have an account at the poker room.

Important: to get the bonus you will need a new account at the room, you will not be able to get it, if you have an account already.
Bots are taking too much time!
Our bots aren't the sharpest tools in the shed. If you notice them taking their sweet time, please drop a message with our technical support to report the issue.
How to register?
To start the game, you will need to login through Facebook or Google. After clicking "Start Playing", a new window will pop-up where you need to log in and then agree to use Google or Facebook services in Cashpoker. After you agree, your free account will be created.
How to play?
We tried to create an interface that is most comfortable and closest to the popular poker rooms. If you become proficient at our game, you won't have any problems in playing in real poker rooms. Use buttons: "Fold", "Call", "Check", "Bet" or "Raise" for actions at the table. You can find more rules on Texas Hold'em online, using your favorite search engine.
Im out of chips!
If you lost all your chips at any particular level, just click on "Restart".
I made it through 5 levels, what now?
After you have finished 5th level there will be a pop-up redirecting you to our page with instructions on how to register and what to do to get your bonus. After you register in the room you need to verify your account, make a deposit and then submit your nickname on the site.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to write our awesome support team at the bottom of the screen.
When will i get my bonus?
Bonus transfer can take up to a week from the moment of account verification in the poker room. The speed of the bonus transfer depends on the poker rooms security check, there is nothing we can do to make this faster.